Which Glue Module do you need?


Modules, Modules, Modules….Which one is right for my application?


There are a variety of glue modules and for a good reason.  Different applications require different types of adhesive output, cutoff, speed, thickness, etc.
Most basic case packing uses the standard H200 style modules, whether it is a Surebead ® , ClassicBlue™ or the older H200 standard style, this is where you would look first.  This is an area where savings can be great.  Don’t overspend on the Cadillac version module, when you could gain perfect results from the Kia version module. 
On your high speed applications, you are probably looking for an air open/air closed module for a quick cut off.  Keystone offers the KNH44C style and the new mini style module for those types of applications.  The mini style is a replacement for the Nordson® MiniBlue™ II module, but will cost you a fraction of the price.  The fast acting Keystone mini provides long life and, at times, outlasts the OEM modules.
On your non-woven applications, you are probably looking for a swirl adhesive pattern.  The module is set up to provide air to the nozzle to create the swirl/spray pattern.  Our KNH2CSwill provide that result.
Do you have large assembly products where there is a need for an excessive amount of adhesive output?  You may be looking for a module that has a large ball and seat that has a larger opening, allowing for higher amounts of glue flow.  Our KNH2X-LBSmodule is great for those types of applications.

We manufacture many more styles of modules.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions.  We are here to make your job easier.

Angela Wagley



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