Why Change Nordson® Glue hose?

Changing Glue Hoses

Does your glue hose still heat properly?  Then, you don’t need to change it, right?!?

Not necessarily true.
Is safety an important factor in your production facility?

Check your adhesive hoses on your Nordson®, Slautterback®, HMT®, Melton, Robatech®, Meltex®, and/or ITW/LTI® glue melters for fraying on the body of the hose and verify the hose cuffs are still covering the hose on each end.  Check your wires at the connectors to verify they are covered properly.

If hoses are on the floor, you may need shorter hoses.  Hoses can cause a tripping hazard by lying on the floor.  Hoses can be crushed by heavy equipment when on the floor.  Also, if the floors are wet and you have non-washdown style hoses, you may have an electrical hazard present.

Do you seem to be plugging nozzles frequently?  Maybe your hose is old and full of char and contaminants that are breaking off gradually and plugging your nozzles.

Call us if you need help in determining lengths and types of hoses.  We are the experts and can steer you in the right direction.

Angela Wagley

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