Zero Cavity Modules for Precise Cut Off on Nordson® Heads

With some glue applications, a very precise glue cutoff is required.  A good example is gluing lipstick into the lipstick case.  There is no margin of error for glue tails or stringing.  

The needle in the zero cavity module seats at the end of the glue seat hole, eliminating any cavity for the glue to remain and drip or string.

Some OEMs will install Zero Cavity modules on trayformers.  This can be quite expensive and not needed for a trayformer.

Verify you have the proper module for your specific application since there is quite a difference in price between the different varieties.

Standard Module – $99
Reduced Cavity Module – $150
Zero Cavity Module – $425.00

If you need assistance with choosing the proper module type, please let me know and I will be glad to assist.

Angela Wagley

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