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Nordson® Compatible Hot Melt Hoses

Choosing the right products to integrate into your existing hot melt systems is likely more important than you think. Only a top-quality adhesive hose manufactured from the most rugged and durable material is capable of delivering impressive performance no matter the application or environment. When OEM Nordson® compatible hoses simply won’t fit the budget and a poorly made substitute is out of the question, Keystone Industries has your answer.


For decades, we’ve successfully grown our business by answering the call for a better aftermarket solution for packaging companies and other industries that utilize hot melt adhesives. It’s our goal to provide superior Nordson® compatible glue hoses that represent the exact same quality as original products at a fraction of the price. Our glue hoses:

  • Are designed to fit your existing hot melt system
  • Provide exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Create a safer environment for your workers
  • Stand up to harsh external conditions
  • Reduce downtime and operating costs

Your One-Stop Shop for Nordson® Compatible Hoses

We are the largest aftermarket hot melt parts company with a massive inventory of hoses to choose from. We carry Nordson® compatible wash down hoses; bulk and foam melt hoses, handgun hoses and more. Whether you need a standard hose, a high flex hose or a spray and swirl hose, you are sure to find everything you are looking for.


Our selection of glue hoses range in length from 2 to 34 feet and come in a variety of diameters and technical properties to meet the requirements of your specific environment. Best of all, Keystone aftermarket Nordson® compatible hot melt hoses measure up to OEM products in every way.

What Are the Different Types of Hot Melt Hoses?

There are a variety of different types of Nordson®-compatible hot melt hoses you may need. Each type is appropriate for a different glue application situation, so it’s important to select the right glue hoses for the job. The types of hoses include washdown, standard and hi-flex. Washdown hoses are water-resistant, while hi-flex hot melt hoses have more flexibility than standard hoses and can be used in situations with hot melt handguns and in applications where robotics are used.


You may also opt for bulk melter hoses, which work with bulk adhesives, with a larger inside core to get more glue out of a large drum of adhesive.

What Can Affect the Lifespan of Nordson® Hot Melt Hoses?

Nordson® glue hoses that are used in handguns are affected by normal wear and tear. Workers may drop their guns, step onthem, or just subject them to general rough handling. Over time, particles can build up inside the hose and potentially break off and clog the hose and the head or handgun depending on the operation. In addition, standard hoses can short if they get wet. If this is a likelihood in your operation, you should order wash down hoses.

Why Keystone for Aftermarket Nordson® Compatible Hoses

We operate our business on the assumption that our success is directly tied to yours. Our talented team of long-term employees pushes innovation in order to achieve our goal of building the best replacement hoses for yourNordson® melters. We have the experience, expertise and cutting-edge capabilities to redefine everything you’ve come to expect from aftermarket parts.


Keystone Industries puts your needs first and will partner with you to identify the most cost-efficient and effective solutions. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing quick and easy ordering, responsive service and a massive inventory of first-rate products in stock and ready to ship.


Get in touch with Keystone for more information on our aftermarket Nordson® compatible hoses and get a free, no obligation quote today!



Disclaimer: Keystone Industries is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation.


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