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Nordson® Compatible
Hot Melt Applicators

Looking for the best Nordson® hot melt applicators at a 50 to 70 percent savings? Keystone Industries has an impressive range of products on the market capable of surpassing OEM parts in performance and reliability. Nordson® manufactures a wide variety of hot melt adhesive applicators, and our team understands the intricacies of each one. Contact us today to find the right model for your operations.

Faster, Safer Installation and Backwards Compatibility

Nordson® is on the forefront of applicator technology, and the company is working hard to ensure every business can take advantage of these achievements by building backwards compatibility into their latest products.

Regardless of the age of your equipment, your workers can keep production running with our Nordson® compatible hot melt applicators. Keystone Industries applicator heads feature modules that are compatible to older style and new Nordson® Blue Series Applicator heads. Our products mount and have the same fluid and electrical connections as the Nordson® heads.

Find Durable, Versatile Nordson® Hot Melt Adhesive Applicator Components 

At Keystone Industries, we know your projects are unique enough to need specialty equipment. For instance, we offer a Nordson®-compatible hot melt applicator that has independently  programmed aircontrol modules. It’s capable of firing each module orgroups of modules at separate times, allowing for precise adhesive delivery wherever it’s needed. You can find a module with open-air/air-close (OA/AC) to prevent stringing and a standard air open/spring close AO/SC used in most tray forming, carton sealing and case closing applications. You can also invest in a single module applicator head with absolutely no special features when you simply need a dependable, long-lasting unit at a great price.

Keystone Industries Will Help You Find Solutions to Maximize Your Efficiency

Every business suffers from common issues that affect safety, efficiency and cost. Luckily, there’s a Nordson® hot glue melt applicator capable of solving many of these little problems. You can also count on Keystone Industries to have an affordable companion product to go with it. Along with designing units to perform specific jobs, our company creates easy-to-use applicators that take up less time and maintenance than other brands.

At Keystone Industries, we have done our research and have gone the extra mile to offer customers maximum flexibility in applicator dispensing head design and configurations to meet the needs of the customer and keeping products affordable. When it comes to precision, functionality, versatility and durability, a Nordson®-compatible hot melt glue applicator will help you surpass the competition. Contact our team today to start selecting the best products for your price and project.



Disclaimer: Keystone Industries is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation.


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