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How to Change Nordson® Inline Filters

Equipment Needed

Protective Gear:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Heat Resistant Gloves


  • Wrench
  • Small Bucket


  • Inline Filter      

How to Change The Filter

  1. Turn the pressure off to the pump.
  2. If new style fitting, usea1 ½” wrench to unscrew the filter cartridge and drop cartridge in a small metal bucket.
  3. Apply o-lube to the o-ring on the new filter cartridge, insert into the filter assembly and re-tighten.
  4. If old style fitting, use two wrenches to unscrew the fitting. A 7/8” wrench on fitting body and a ¾” wrench on nut.
  5. Remove the filter from inside fitting and drop in a small metal bucket. Place new filter into the fitting and tighten the fitting ends together.
  6. Turn pump pressure on and verify there are no leaks at the cartridge or either end of the fitting.

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