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How to Save Money With Hot Melt Stitching

Imagine getting the same bonding strength, fiber tear and sealing capabilities but with far less raw material and energy consumption. That’s exactly what hot melt stitching — the application of intermittent series of strands as opposed to one continuous strand of adhesive — can accomplish for your sealing and packaging applications.


The team of experts at Keystone Industries appreciate that for professionals whose jobs involve purchasing materials, maintaining equipment or supervising packaging processes, hot melt stitching represents a whole new level of efficiency. We’re here to let you know how easy it is to accomplish with the equipment you’re already operating.

How Does Hot Melt Stitching Help?

If you were looking to buy a car and the salesman walked up and slapped a 50 percent off sign on the ticket price, wouldn’t he have your undivided attention? Similarly, if you were able to save half of what you were about to spend on any major ticket item without sacrificing on the quality of the product, wouldn’t you be excited?


That’s truly how much your business can benefit from hot melt stitching — except it’s not a one-time purchase. By switching to hot stitch melting over continuous adhesive beads, you can accomplish the same packaging results but with half the material it took you before. With less material, you consume less energy, produce less waste and ultimately operate more efficiently on an ongoing basis.


Naturally, you might be wondering about the seal this method produces. Here’s the really good news: With hot stitch melting, you get the same sealing, bond strength and fiber tear that you would from continuous bead application. In other words, you get the same results — but with less raw material and energy required.


With the money you’ll save, you can retrofit, upgrade or even buy brand new equipment. By spending a little more on equipment and less on materials like adhesive, your entire operation rises to another level of productivity. That’s a benefit that can not only keep your current projects running smoothly, but also attract new ones to keep your business competitive for years to come.

Why Should You Switch Now?

Since the savings are proven and substantial, waiting to switch tohot melt stitching will onlycontinue to cost you more money on adhesive material. If your bottom line is important to you and your company, then switching sooner rather than later is the only prudent course of action.


Plus, with the supply of petrochemicals slated to decrease while global demand increases, the price of adhesive materials will only rise in the future. Therefore, the sooner you manage to use fewer materials that are due to get more expensive, the more exponential your savings become.

How to Implement Hot Melt Stitching

How do you make the switch? With Keystone Industries, it’s simpler than you think. If the equipment is less than 10 years old, reprogramming the pattern controls may do the job. We’re here to help you make sure that process goes smoothly. If your equipment is older and depending on what it is, there’s also no need to worry. It may take a couple more steps, but we can help you switch over quickly and efficiently.


By working with Keystone Industries, you get the results you’re looking for with all the industry insight you’d expect from a team of experts who understand your business. We can quickly determine what equipment you need or what steps need to be taken to start implementing hot melt stitching in the shortest amount of time. That way, you start saving money as soon as possible.


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