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A.K.A: 1028303X, 1102410X, KNPU8303-X, X1028303, ZLRK02P303

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Nordson® ProBlue 14:1 Pump Rebuild

Give your Nordson® Pump new life with a rebuild from our experienced team at Keystone Industries®. Each rebuild comes with a six-month or 2,000-hour warranty. They also undergo extensive testing before arriving back at your facility.

Benefits of Choosing A Rebuilt Nordson® Pump for Your Hot Melt System

Advantages of buying this system include its superior:

  • Safety: Before shipping your Rebuilt 14:1 Pump, we test it for proper operation.
  • Cost: We provide affordable prices compared to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), so you save.
  • Performance: Our Rebuilt Nordson® Pumps provide a consistent, steady stream of hot melt adhesive.

Pump Details

  • Rebuilt 14:1 Piston Pump
  • Magnetic Shifter
  • For ProBlue 4, 7, & 10 series melters

Rebuild Program Information

  • Core exchanges returned must be the exact model for pump purchased or a core charge will be issued.
  • Warranty is 6 months or 2000 hours of use, whichever occurs first.
  • The list price is a base price. After evaluation of pump, if there are broken or missing parts, additional charges may apply.
  • For exchange or rebuilding your pump, please call or email for part number and return authorization.

Rebuilt Pumps vs. OEM

We set a high standard for our rebuilt pumps by delivering the same quality at a more affordable price. Our Keystone Industries® team also offers comprehensive customer service.

Buy a Rebuilt Hot Melt Pump From Keystone Industries® Today

Restore your ProBlue® by buying one of our Rebuilt Nordson® 14:1 Pumps online today! Got questions? Contact us online or call us at 800-235-8090.

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