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Hot Melt Adhesive/Glue Sticks

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Whether you’re securing parts and wires in electronic devices or creating a bond between synthetic and woven materials, the adhesive you use makes all the difference. Using the wrong glue can result in a range of consequences — from part breakdowns that slow productivity to complete design and manufacturing failures.

Keystone Industries understands your need for top-quality hot melt glue sticks. We have the hot melt glue you can depend on for your specific application.

When it comes to aftermarket adhesive products, Keystone Industries delivers the quality and value your business requires to succeed. We offer a hot melt glue solution that provides the same performance of sticks made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at a fraction of the cost. Our hot melt sticks are compatible with industrial glue guns made by leading brands such as Nordson, Slautterback, Valco/Melton and ITW/LTI.

The Advantages of Aftermarket Hot Melt Sticks 

Premium quality hot melt glue holds many benefits over solvent-based adhesives. They can be applied precisely using a hot melt gun and also by dipping and spraying methods. Hot melt glue is typically safe for disposal, and it also offers an exceptionally long shelf life and strong adhesive qualities. We offer a range of hot melt glue products to suit your application requirements in diameter, open adhesive time, setting time for bonding, tack (stickiness), surface energy and more. Our selection of adhesive products includes:

  • KA1012 Hot Melt Glue Stick 1/2" X 12" — A general-use, high-viscosity, clear-color adhesive for use on glass, fabrics, wood, cardboard and certain plastics.
  • KA1402 Hot Melt Glue Stick 1/2" X 12" — A high-delivery, fast-setting packaging adhesive that works with the majority of industrial sick glue guns. The low-viscosity composition is excellent on most paper and board substrates, providing smooth gun flow, reduced stringing and minimum gaps.
  • KA1502 LM Hot Melt Glue Stick 1/2" X 10" — With a heating temp range between 200°F-400°F, this low-melt rate stick is a versatile choice for applications utilizing industrial stick glue guns.

Ordering Hot Melt Glue Products From Keystone

Our highly trained and dedicated team will help assess your needs and identify the right hot melt glue stick for your application. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We offer fast response times, free technical assistance and speedy order placement and shipping. Get in touch by email, Livechat or telephone to place your order for OEM quality hot melt glue from Keystone today.


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