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Could you use a little help determining which hot melt cleaner is best for your operation? At Keystone Industries, we provide you with first-hand experience on the easiest, best and most valuable products to trust with your equipment. Discover why changing out old glue was never simpler than with the Red Baron hot melt system cleaner from Keystone Industries.

A Trusted Hot Melt Cleaning Compound

Most hot melt system cleaners are used in roughly the same way. They differ only in the amount of time and effort required to achieve a clean, unclogged unit. However, selecting the right cleaner is more than a matter of convenience. A high-quality product prevents excessive scrubbing and allows for the use of softer cleaning equipment you can trust to protect coated surfaces. The supplies you buy for maintenance can also have a major impact on how long your glue melter lasts.

Following the proper cleaning procedure clears out char and protects your equipment from corrosion. Using a high-quality cleaner along with these guidelines will help your equipment run better and last as long as possible. Red Baron hot melt cleaner may irritate your skin or eyes, but old glue can also pose a danger. You’ll want to wear long sleeves and pants, closed-toe shoes, gloves and safety glasses when you’re working with it.

How to Use Your Hot Melt System Cleaner

Start by draining the adhesive from your system. Red Baron cleaner will help with this process, but you should try to get most of the glue out of your melter before adding the solution. An empty unit is much easier to clean, and it will minimize the amount of cleaner you need to use.

In order to ready the system, turn off the pressure pump to your glue melter. Relieve any built-up pressure. Next, you’ll want to remove the unit’s applicator heads from their hoses. Add your Red Baron hot melt cleaning compound up to the fill line of the tank, and turn the pressure pump back on. The solution will break down the adhesive in the tank and flush old glue out of system. This is where quality truly counts. An effective solution will do most of the work for you, and you’ll be sure your glue melter doesn’t have any kinks or problems.

Run the system and pump out all the glue until only cleaner comes out. At this point, you can begin the tank cleaning process or run the hoses into the tank and cycle the solution back through the melter a few times. Once you’re certain the hoses are clear of old adhesive and depending on the condition of your equipment, take a soft tool – such as a wooden or plastic spatula capable of withstanding high temperatures – and scrape the inside of the tank free of remaining glue.

Once this step is complete, drain the system of the Red Baron hot melt cleaner. Check the inside of the tank before refilling it. It’s also important to change the tank filter and check the integrity of the hoses. Once new adhesive is added and pumped through the system, any cleaner remaining in the hoses will be flushed out.

It is a best practice to replace the tank filter and any inline filter cartridges after cleaning and performing maintenance on your machine.  These filters may be clogged or dirty and may restrict adhesive flow or not filter properly moving forward.

A Local Source for Red Baron Tank Cleaner

Keystone Industries is a big supporter of Red Baron tank cleaner because it protects the inside coating of your glue melter by making adhesive easy to remove. It’s less work and less worry, and you don’t run the risk of damaging your unit’s interior coating. We offer Red Baron cleaner in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon sizes.

When using Red Baron glue cleaner, maintenance is easy, effective and affordable. Contact Keystone Industries to order the cleaner you need for your equipment today.



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