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Hot Melt Modules

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Effective industrial adhesive dispensing relies on the advanced performance of hot melt modules. However, the cost of replacing, repairing and rebuilding OEM products can drain the budget of a growing company.


Keystone Industries is dedicated to providing businesses a trusted source of first-rate aftermarket solutions. Our products not only save you time, but also lower expenses by minimizing breakdowns and unplanned maintenance that lead to downtime and lost productivity.


At Keystone Industries, we put in the hard work and apply industry-leading expertise in manufacturing top-quality hot melt modules. The products we produce are equal in every way to those manufactured by leading OEM brands. The result is Nordson® compatible modules that provide exceptional hot melt adhesive dispensing at a fraction of the price of original equipment.


A Diverse Inventory of Hot Melt Modules

Keystone Industries bases our inventory on your evolving needs. We produce a wide range of glue gun modules specific to your applications and compatible with your existing systems. Available styles include H200 modules, rebuilt/exchange Classic Blue modules, rebuilt/exchange Solid Blue modules and a diverse selection of Nordson® compatible modules.


We also offer rebuilt glue gun modules that represent even further savings. Whether you need a standard module, right angle module, Classic Blue or control spray, we’ll rebuild it for you. We have access to all of the extra necessary parts and offer exchanges for your old hot melt modules.


Nordson Compatible Module Kits, Tools And Parts

Keystone Industries provides comprehensive aftermarket solutions that save you time and money. We carry a variety of hot melt glue gun module kits designed for rebuilding your existing modules. Kits range from the basic tools to ones containing all the tools and parts needed for your project. You’ll also find individual parts including:


  • Body only
  • Blank module bodies
  • Compression springs
  • Retaining rings
  • Piston seals
  • Nozzle adaptors
  • Seat assemblies

The Keystone Advantage

Our durable and dependable aftermarket hot melt modules deliver the performance you need while further cutting costs related to maintenance and downtime. Our customers can save anywhere from 40% to 70% and get the exact same quality as purchasing OEM.


Everything we do is focused on helping your business run more efficiently. When you call Keystone Industries, you’ll get the technical assistance and sales support you deserve from a live, knowledgeable representative.


We’ll find exactly what you need and, in many cases, ship your order the very same day. Save more, stock less and get the high quality, reasonably priced aftermarket glue gun modules that increase productivity. Contact us today to place your order!


Keystone Industries® | World Headquarters |140 Manufacturers Court Winder, GA 30680 | Phone: 770-586-5990 | Fax: 770-586-5991 | Toll Free: 800-235-8090

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