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Keystone Industries® (930)
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Valco®/Melton® (483)
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.008 - .012 (226)
.013 - .016 (341)
.017 - .020 (345)
.021 - .028 (171)
.030 - .050 (168)
.051 & up (23)
0° - 25° (319)
26° - 45° (319)
46° - 65° (97)
66° - 75° (10)
76° & up (161)
90° (1)
Classic Blue® Style (390)
E100 Style (337)
E900 Style (160)
H20 Style (336)
H200 Style (579)
H440 Style (484)
Handgun Style (19)
M Series (388)
ModPlus® Style (219)
Nozzle Bar Style (48)
No. of Holes
1 (396)
2 (425)
3 (159)
4 (144)
5 (29)
6 (63)
7 (5)
8 (4)
9 (1)
11 (2)
Aim (12)
Button (29)
Domed (509)
Domed Circular (46)
Domed Ext. (21)
Domed Offset (116)
Domed SS (90)
EZ Style (0)
Handgun (19)
Needle no insert (10)
Needle SS (27)
Nozzle Adapters (1)
Pencil (45)
Retaining Nuts (9)
Single (0)
Single Guards (36)
Sgl No Guards (38)
Single Button (14)
Single SS (15)
Spray (93)
90 Degree (187)
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Hot Melt Glue Nozzles

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When it comes to adhesive dispensing, you are only as strong as your weakest link. It can be difficult, however, to get the products you need at a price you can afford.

Without a top-quality hot melt glue nozzle, you could be losing money due to inaccurate and uneven dispensing. Plus, you run the risk of suffering debilitating work stoppages as a result of having to maintain or repair poorly made products. As the largest aftermarket hot melt parts company in the industry, we understand your needs. We offer cost-effective alternatives to replacing glue machine nozzles with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ones.

Everything we do is dedicated to helping packaging businesses and related industries locate aftermarket products that are every bit as good as the original equipment. With Keystone Industries, you get products that perform and last — saving you even more money in the long run.

Our hot melt adhesive nozzles are:

  • Manufactured to the OEM specifications to be compatible with your system.
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Built to last with durable stainless steel and brass.
  • Designed for accurate, efficient hot melt glue dispensing.
  • Easy to install and require less maintenance.
  • Safe and simple to use.
  • Custom made to fit your application.
  • Free Sample Nozzle for first-time customers.

A Massive Inventory of Hot Melt Nozzles to Match Your Needs

We have hundreds of hot melt adhesive nozzles, right angle nozzles, brass button nozzles, multi-orifice nozzles and others in stock and ready for shipment. All of our nozzles are designed and manufactured for reliable and steady performance. They’ll last as long and produce the same results as OEM products — yet they cost between 40% and 70% less.

Whether you use Keystone Industries hot melt systems or Nordson or Slautterback manual or automatic applicators, our hot melt nozzles are a perfect fit. We have nozzles of every style including handgun, 90-degree, domed, needle, pencil, single guards and spray. Our highly trained, dedicated team will help assess your system and application for angle, orifice size, number of holes and type. We’ll identify the cost-effective, top-quality aftermarket glue machine nozzle capable of reducing your costs and increasing productivity.

The Keystone Industries Advantage

It’s our goal to build long-term relationships with businesses in the packaging industry by supplying the best quality aftermarket hot melt products possible. We continue to work hard and push innovation in order to keep our manufacturing and design processes on the cutting edge. The result is a product that rivals those built by the biggest name brands in the industry such as ITW/LTI, Nordson, Slautterback, ValcoMelton and Meltex.

Our aftermarket adhesive application nozzles will help your company:

  • Dramatically reduce the expense of purchasing OEM.
  • Eliminate downtime and lost work hours.
  • Increase overall productivity.
  • Keep your business running longer and stronger.

When you do business with Keystone Industries, you get a partner dedicated to saving you money — and helping your business grow. We offer free technical assistance. Contact us, and you’ll speak to someone who understands your needs. From the initial quote and order processing to shipping, installation and after-purchase support, we’ll stick with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact Keystone Industries for more information on hot melt glue tips and place your order today!


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