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Hot Melt Pumps & Motors

Explore hot melt pumps & motors compatible with the following OEMs:

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One important component of any industrial hot melt adhesive system is the pump. The pump is responsible for delivering the melted adhesive to the applicator nozzle and maintaining the right flow, volume and pressure. If your current pump is out of service or works intermittently, you can't ensure the quality and consistency of your hot melt operations. You can find a replacement aftermarket pump here at Keystone Industries and get your hot melt dispensing system back to working condition.

Online Parts Shopping Made Easy

As a leading online source of industrial hot melt systems, parts and accessories, Keystone Industries makes it easier to keep your equipment running properly. Our hot melt pumps are designed to OEM or better specifications and offer:

  • Value: Our pricing is better than the OEM suppliers and helps you save money on your hot melt equipment service and maintenance
  • Quality: We carry top-quality pumps compatible with leading brands like Nordson® so you’re sure your new pump will deliver precision, consistency and reliability
  • Selection: You’ll find a variety of hot melt glue pumps in our online catalog for a range of makes and models of equipment

We want to make it easier for your business to service and maintain your hot melt dispensing equipment. Don’t wait until your hot melt pump breaks — order a replacement pump today to have it ready for replacement. Perform regular inspection of your hot melt system so you can plan pump replacement during regularly scheduled downtime, and you’ll be back up and running by the time you need your hot melt system again.

How a Hot Melt Pump Works

The hot melt pump in your industrial adhesive dispensing equipment takes the heated glue and forces it through the delivery hose to the nozzle. Your pump works like the fuel pump in your car to deliver the right amount of glue as determined by your controller and glue system settings. Your pump can fail for different reasons, including:

  • Regular component wear
  • Blockage from contaminated glue and debris
  • Cracks and leaks in the pump body
  • Leaks around the pump O-rings and seals
  • A problem with the pump mechanism

Hot melt system glue pumps cannot be serviced. When yours fails, it needs to be replaced with a new pump to ensure reliable and consistent glue distribution. Start by making note of the make and model of your hot melt system and note the pump model reference when possible.

You can then start browsing our online catalog and searching for the right replacement model. We carry Nordson®-, Slautterback®-compatible and other top-quality aftermarket replacement parts that will deliver the same or better performance and reliability as your OEM glue pumps. You'll find details and specifications on all of our pumps right here on our site. If you're not sure which model of pump is compatible with your hot melt distributor, let us know.

Our dedicated team of experts can help you determine which pump is required to service and repair your hot melt system. We want to help you stay online and avoid costly downtime. We've spent years becoming a market leader in hot melt equipment and parts and look forward to finding the perfect pump solution for your business. Come and discover our selection of hot melt glue pumps and order one today so it's ready when you need to replace your old or malfunctioning pump. You won't find better quality, pricing or selection, so take a look at our online catalog today and get back to work as quickly as possible.

Hot Melt Pumps & Motors Available

View our inventory of OEM-equivalent hot melt pump and motor types at up to 70% off OEM prices:

For more information about hot melt adhesive motors or pumps, contact a Keystone Industries representative at (800) 235-8090.



*Disclaimer: Keystone Industries is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation, Slautterback®, ITW®/LTI®, Valco®/Melton®, HMT®, Pearson®, Meltex®, Robatech® or Graco®.*


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Keystone Industries®, Inc. is not affiliated with any of the listed OEMs below. All OEM part numbers are for reference only.

Nordson® is a registered trademark of the Nordson® Corporation

HMT® is a registered trademark of Hot Melt Technologies, Inc.

ITW Dynatec® is a registered trademark of Illinois Toolworks

Slautterback® is a registered trademark of the Nordson® Corporation

Graco® is the registered trademark of Graco Inc.

Melton® and Valco Melton® are registered trademarks of Valco Cincinnati, Inc.

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