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Hot Melt Electrical Components

Explore hot melt electrical components compatible with the following OEMs:

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An industrial hot melt adhesive system includes several important electrical components. These components control the heating and flow of your hot melt glue and ensure the quality and consistency of your adhesive. As your hot melt machine gets older, the hot melt system electrical components can start to wear out and malfunction, causing a variety of problems:

  • Downtime due to an inoperable hot melt module
  • Wasted glue
  • Scrap due to improper gluing
  • Loss of time due to slow heat-up
  • Incorrect glue flow and volume

To avoid these problems that cost your business time and money, consider replacing the electrical components of your hot melt adhesive system. Here at Keystone Industries, we carry a wide range of quality electrical components that are compatible with many popular hot melt systems. Improve the consistency, reliability and quality of your gluing by upgrading your electrical components today.

In today’s competitive market, you need to guarantee the quality of your work and reduce scrap and downtime. Upgrading your hot melt adhesive system is one way you can help your business be more competitive and keep your gluing operations affordable and dependable.

Choosing the Right Components

To upgrade your system, you need to choose hot melt replacement electrical components that match your OEM, or original equipment, specifications. In many cases, our aftermarket parts are even better than OEM parts:

  • Price: We can offer better prices than OEM, thanks to our relationships with leading aftermarket hot melt adhesive system manufacturers. Check out our catalog and compare the different electrical components that are compatible with your system and discover our great pricing.
  • Quality: We only carry top-quality components that will satisfy our customers. We’ve built our name as a leading source of hot melt adhesive equipment and electrical components and carry quality equipment that will give you years of reliable service and dependability.
  • Selection: With Keystone Industries, you get greater selection when it’s time to upgrade or replace the electrical components of your hot melt system. Instead of being forced to choose only OEM parts and accessories, opt instead for our greater choice and flexibility.

You can browse our catalog and identify the electrical components that work with your hot melt installation. If you’re not sure which components suit or if you have any questions, you can contact our experienced team for more information. We’ll direct you to the electrical components that will give you the best control over your adhesive operations.

Compatibility for Your System

When purchasing aftermarket electrical components, it is important to know they are compatible with your module and installation. Here at Keystone Industries, we carry OEM-equivalent parts that can work with a variety of brands and models of hot melt systems. Simply check out the references and specifications of our electrical components and select the ones that suit your equipment. Consider details such as:

  • Physical size
  • Electrical connections
  • Heating profiles
  • Safety considerations

We include information on all of our electrical components in the product descriptions right here on our site. You can also contact us if you have any questions or would like help choosing the right electrical components for your hot melt adhesive system. Contact us with information on the make, model, year and type of your hot melt equipment, and tell us about any problems you are experiencing.

Our team of experts will help you determine which electrical components are necessary to upgrade your system and ensure that your hot melt system delivers quality, reliability and value. Save time and money by replacing your worn-out electrical components with new OEM-equivalent parts and accessories from here at Keystone Industries. You won’t find better selection, quality or pricing, so browse our catalog today and discover our excellent selection of hot melt adhesive electrical components.

Hot Melt Electrical Component Types Available

View our inventory of OEM-equivalent electrical components at up to 70% off OEM prices:

For more information about electrical components, contact a Keystone Industries representative at (800) 235-8090.



*Disclaimer: Keystone Industries is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation, Slautterback®, ITW®/LTI®, Valco®/Melton®, HMT®, Pearson®, Meltex®, Robatech® or Graco®.*


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ITW Dynatec® is a registered trademark of Illinois Toolworks

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