Keystone Melt Mate® Hot Melt Gear System

Melt Mate® Adhesive Dispenser Product Launch

Keystone Industries®, specializing in Hot Melts Parts and Systems, is proud to announce the launch of a new hot melt adhesive dispenser. If you’re looking for a great product at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place!

Product Features

The Melt Mate® is a durable all-electric hot melt applicator system that is perfect for both packaging and product assembly. It contains a large reservoir to allow for more adhesive to support up to two applicators!

Product Benefits

Made with the user in mind and with the goal of reducing your business costs, the Melt Mate® Adhesive Dispenser has many benefits that can help improve a manufacturing business’ bottom line, a few of those benefits are highlighted below.

Made with the User in Mind

  • Voltage options: The system is designed for either 120V or 240V to accommodate customer needs.
  • Large reservoir tank: Generously holds 14 pounds of adhesive, which outsizes comparable brands.
  • Lightweight design: The Melt Mate®, having a lightweight design, gives the user flexibility in that it can be utilized for small handgun operations or medium automatic operations.
  • Two channel design: Designed with two channels for two hoses/applicators. The large reservoir tank also helps supply enough adhesive for two hoses.
  • Easy setup: The circuitry was also designed for user ease. After installation of hose(s) and applicators(s), turn on and program the tank and hose/head channels. Programming is simple and easy to follow.
  • USB port: The USB port allows for a data log download that lists recorded fault information and reflects changes to the programming.


  • Better return on investment: The glue system provides an option that is more economical compared to tape, cold glue, metal fasteners, and other more expensive packaging methods.
  • Increased operator efficiency: The larger tank allows for less time in operator refilling.
  • Less char build-up: The tank is coated with a non-stick surface.
  • No delay for line start-up: The applicator can be programmed to heat to a set point before a shift begins.
  • Consistent and productive workflow: The gear system pumps up to 64 pounds per hour and also provides a consistent flow for applications requiring a steady glue pattern.

Increased Longevity

  • Longer product life: The life of the glue system is extended by not heating continuously when not in use.
  • Reduces degradation of adhesive: Reduces degradation of adhesive by not continuously heating when not in use.

Reduce Energy Use

  • Reduce electricity usage: A programmable 24/7 clock can be set at lower temperatures or off during non-operational times.

Grow Your Business with Our New Products

Keystone Industries® believes in empowering companies with options to grow their business on their terms, making your job easier, and providing convenient no-hassle online ordering. For more information on our products or a quote, call us today.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries®, Inc.

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