Need a packaging line evaluation?

How many times has a mechanic come to you and asked you to order a glue nozzle for a specific glue line?

Ok – you have 10 glue melters on 10 packaging lines.  Different parts are used on the glue melters.  Now, you have the challenge of figuring out which nozzle to order.  You know if you order the wrong nozzle, the product may not be sealed properly.  

We offer a free service of evaluating each line.  You will be able to refer to a .pdf document to find what parts are needed for each glue melter (filters, circuit boards, nozzles, applicator heads, modules, heaters, mac valves, hoses & lengths, etc).  We can definitely save you time and guarantee you order the correct parts.

Let us know if you would like a free evaluation.  Customers have raved about having this evaluation performed.  We know your time is valuable and why spend extra time looking for the correct glue nozzle to order!

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