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10ft 230V RTD Washdown Hose Equivalent to Nordson® 276743 Keystone Industries® is your source for washdown hoses for automatic applicator heads that need to resist contact with moisture. We engineered this hose for multiple types of hot melt systems, so you can continue using your existing unit efficiently. The KNHAW1023 is an aftermarket equivalent to Nordson® 276743, Valco Melton®780XX020,  and ITW Dynatec®104145.

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Is your Nordson® Hose failing? Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Glue Hose IssuesBelow are hose troubleshooting procedures.WARNING: Pressurized hot melt and high voltage! Follow the procedures describedin Installation Manual for your glue melter to safely disconnect and reconnect the hose. Failure to observe this warning may result in personal injury, including death. Wear proper eye protection and safety gloves.  Turn off pump pressure before disconnecting any parts from glue melter.Issue:  Hose does not heat/won't reach set temp

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