Air pressure for NordsonĀ® ProBlue Melters

August 17, 2017

Pressure Gauges If your pump is shifting erraticallyĀ and/or the glue output is not up to par, check the following in order to reach maximum adhesive output: Verify the factory’s air is clean and dry. Verify the air supply is capable of providing a maximum of 6.2 Bar (90 psi) of non-lubricated air. Read the specifications […]

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Maintenance on NordsonĀ® Glue Melters

August 11, 2017

It doesn’t matter whether you have a newfangled glue melter or and old dinosaur of a glue melter, proactive maintenance is key to long life and reduction in breakdowns. Do you change the oil in your car within OEM recommendations? Ā You know what will eventually happen if you consistently provide poor maintenance to your automobile… […]

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Sources of Adhesive Failures

April 11, 2017

  Industrial adhesives are normally reliable and dependable for consistent bonding. When used correctly, industrial adhesives can save money, time and effort. Problems can and will arise when adhesives are used improperly which will cause complete chaos on the most sophisticated packaging line. Areas to investigate to determine the root cause of the adhesive problem: […]

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Leaking Glue Modules

March 14, 2017

Common Causes of Glue Module Leaks | Keystone IndustriesĀ® Glue Modules: What is the Cause of My Leaks? Being knowledgeable regarding your glue guns/modules can help in diagnosing issues. Are you having leaking, dripping, stringing or stoppage issues? Understanding the Components of Your Glue Module The glue applicator gun body only controls the temperature and […]

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Tankless Hot Melt Systems – The Truth

February 28, 2017

The Truth About Tankless Hot Melt Systems | Keystone IndustriesĀ® Before sinking an enormous amount of capital into a tankless hot-melt system, make sure you know the cons as well as the pros that the adhesive melter company is selling you. Remember, they will tell you only the good side and before you know it, […]

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ProBlue Under Temperature Fault F2

January 31, 2017

  Common Causes of Temperature Fault There are a few reasons you can experience an under temperature fault on your NordsonĀ® ProBlue unit. Many people do not think about unique causes that could be causing temperature faults. Understanding F2 Faults ProBlue units circuity monitors the manifold temperature every 15 minutes after the “heaters” button is […]

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Proper Glue Hose Installation for NordsonĀ® & Other Glue Melters

December 15, 2016

  Improper routing and installation of a glue hose can shorten the service life. With a few simple steps, you can maximize the life of the glue hose, keep employees safe and keep your production lines running. Proper Hose Length For areas where hoses will be installed in a straight line, the length must be […]

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Deer Hunting Spots

November 22, 2016

Where will you be on Thanksgiving – at your best hunting spot?  In the quiet, trying to outsmart the elusive whitetail deer?Where is the best shot location to drop a deer instantly?  Best case is to prevent deer from running and scaring other deer, keep stress from toughening the meat, decrease suffer time, decrease harvest […]

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Free Adhesive Calculator – Save Money

November 7, 2016

Free Adhesive Calculator Cut Your Adhesive Costs in Half Are you searching for ways to cut cost on your adhesive? You may be able to go from a solid bead of glue to a stitch pattern and still have enough bite to pass the tear strength testing. In order to learn more about the cost […]

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NordsonĀ® Pump Will Not Hold Pressure

September 30, 2016

Why Won’t My Nordstrom Pump Hold Pressure? Is your Nordsom Pump shifting too much? Is the pump losing pressure? You may have contaminants in the bottom check ball. Erratic shifting can be a symptom. Before you spend big money and buy a new pump, check this area first. You could save yourself a lot of […]

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